What is the Standard American Diet (SAD)?

Before examining the current Standard American Diet, an examination of the American diet at the beginning of the 20th century will give us some context for our current health crisis. At the beginning of the 1900ís, the American diet was much different than our diet today. If you were to go into a store at that time, you would find that the store contained very little processed food, for the technology did not exist. Basically, the shelves contained produce, living plants, seeds and grains, along with food that was canned and boxed.

People at the beginning of the 20th century grew food in their gardens or farms. Most people lived on the farm during this era. The point being made here is that the diet of this era was composed of more plant-food (fruits and veggies) grown from the rich American soil. There was very little meat with hormones injected into it, processed, fast, or junk food that make up the diet of American today.

Today the Standard American Diet (SAD) has many imbalances. First, it contains an excess of certain foods, such as meat (proteins), fats, and sugar. Second, it has deficiencies of raw plants, such as vegetables, fruits, etc. Third, there is a lack of nutrients in the food, such as enzymes, due to the fact that the food is cooked and/or processed. Fourth, the foods have various additives, toxins, such as preservatives, and hormones that increases production, to list a few, put in them.

Letís examine some of the facts.

Do Americans eat an excess of meat protein?

Americans eat an excessive amount of meat, especially red meat and diary products, which is their primary source of protein. They eat an average of 90-100 grams (25 oz.) of meat daily when they only need 25-50 grams (4 oz.) per day according to the Book of Health by Susan Stockton.

Now excess protein causes a host of problems for the body. Here are a few according to the Book of Health:

Studies have shown that a diet high in meat is the primary cause of heart attacks, which is the cause of half the deaths in this country. This diet has also been linked to cancer, diabetes, and obesity. The SAD diet is also high in fats and cholesterol and deficient in fibers, vitamins and minerals. There are no cancer fighting nutrients, such as antioxidants, in meat.

Are there deficiencies in the SAD diet?

Now the deficiency in the American diet is primarily due to eating too much refined and processed food, such as white rice, TV dinners, cereals, white bread, and sugar. In other words, instead of man eating raw plants or food as close to nature as possible, the modern man eats processed food.

Man cannot improve upon what Elohim has made. Elohim created food with all the nutrients that are needed. However, man in all his wisdom decides to tinker with a perfect product. He processes out the nutrients, cooks the food half to death, then wonders why so many people get sick. In the animal kingdom there are no HMOs or health care facilities, for all the medicine is in the food, The animals in the wild instinctively know this and stay healthier than humans.

Now man has bleached, polished, and hulled rice, destroying all the nutrients within it that Elohim created. For example, in the southern states 10,000 people died of pellagra, a chronic disease caused by a deficiency of nicotinic acid in the diet and characterized by gastrointestinal disturbances, skin eruptions, and mental disorders. (See "Raw Foods Are the Keys To Good Health," http://www.sparkohealth.com/barleygreen/rawfoodsz.htm) This was the result of the corn meal being refined and the germ removed. The belief of that period was the germ was unnecessary and caused the corn meal to spoil.

Elohim does not create nutrients within food for cosmetic purposes. Everything in the food is there for maintaining the body.

Here is another example, that brings out this point. Elohim created rice and flour brown in color. During World War II, Denmark noticed that when they stop processing the grain, and let the people eat it naturally, the death rate went down 39% and there was also a decline in cancer, diabetes and kidney disease. There are numerous incidences where men have tampered with the food supply, resulting in an outbreak of some disease. These examples demonstrate that man must eat his food, especially plants, natural or raw to get the most nutrients out of it.

What is the impact of cooked food?

Another factor that brings about a deficiency in the American diet, besides not eating enough veggies and fruits, is cooking food. When plants are heated above approximately 107 degreesF, certain enzymes in food are destroyed. (See "Raw Foods Are the Keys To Good Health," http://www.sparkohealth.com/barleygreen/rawfoodsz.htm) Vitamin C is destroyed if certain food is heated to approximately 130 degreesF. Although pasteurization (145 degreesF) is considered good, it destroys many nutrients within the food. Dr. Edward Howell states in his book Enzyme Nutrition the following. "I attest that the kitchen stove and its big brothers, the heat-treatment machinery in food factories, are responsible for destroying a whole category of food elements, namely the heat-sensitive, exogenous food enzymes. These nutritional supplements have always provided our endogenous (internal) enzymes with the enzymes reinforcements needed to check the disease-making process." So if Americans want to get all the nutrition from the food that Elohim made, it must be eaten raw whenever possible.

On average fresh raw vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes (peas and beans) makeup less than 20% of the American daily diet. In short, the American diet is high in meat, protein, and fats, which are empty calories.

What are the ramifications of the SAD diet?

As was pointed out earlier in this article, the designer of any car specifies the proper fuel and oil to put into the vehicle for it to operate optimally and not have any problems or damage to the car engine. Likewise, the physical body has a designer, Elohim, and He has given mankind a specific diet that enables the physical body to operate optimally and prevents many health problems.

Dr. Koop, M.D. points out in his study that history has shown that a diet deficient in certain nutrients or imbalances causes havoc within the physical body. Quoting from this study, it states the following. "Diet has always had a vital influence on health. Until as recently as the 1940ís, diseases such as rickets, pellagra, scurvy, beriberi, xerophthalmia, and goiter (caused by lack of adequate dietary vitamin D, niacin, vitamin C, thiarnin, vitamin A, and iodine, respectively) were prevalent in this country and throughout the world."

The problem with the vast portion of American people is that the media has dumbed them down and conditioned them into eating foods that are not healthy for the physical body. This is the result of the major corporations and the media influencing the health education and seducing the people through repetitive advertising to eat fast food and junk food.

For example, everyone knows that one teaches by example. Now the public schools throughout the nation teach health in the classroom, but in the lunch room they serve all types of junk food, such as hamburgers, hot-dogs, potato chips, pizza, soda, etc. There are fast food restaurants on just about every corner of America. It is no wonder that each generation gets sicker and sicker.

The Everett Koop Surgeon General Report in 1988 stated that dietary excess or imbalances play a major cause of death in America. Quoting from Koopís study, it states the following. "Although the precise proportion attributable to diet is uncertain, these eight conditions accounted for nearly 1.5 million of the 2.1 million total deaths in 1987. Dietary excesses or imbalances also contribute to other problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, dental diseases, osteoporosis, and gastrointestinal diseases. Together, these diet-related conditions inflict a substantial burden of illness on Americans.

By Dr. Lee Warren, B.A., D.D. (c) 2000 PLIM REPORT, Vol. 9 #2


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