Sample Letter to the Current Graduate Student

Hi Mary,

My name is Ivan Ivanov. I am a forth-year student at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia). I have been admitted to PhD program in Physics at Princeton University. Unfortunately I am unable to attend open house for prospective students and would like to ask you some questions about Physics Department and life at Princeton in general.

I would really appreciate it if you find some time to answer the following questions:

What would you say about Physics Department in general? Are you satisfied with PhD program?
What do you like and dislike the most in your graduate studies at Princeton?
Do you find course requirement and qualifying exams for PhD hard?
My specialization is Theoretical High Energy Physics. Can you comment on faculty members working in this field?
What can you say about student's social life? Does the Department organize any social events?

I have been also admitted to MIT and Berkeley, so I have really hard time choosing between these universities. Would you have any comments or suggestions that might help me in making a decision.

Thank you very much beforehand.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Ivan Ivanov

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