Statement by MIPT Alumnus (01/2000)
The Physics Student, admitted to UC Berkeley, Cornell, Caltech

When I was a child, my parents and relatives called me "Mister Why-man". All that surrounded fourth-year-old kid aroused his great interest. I demanded to explain all things I saw. I wondered, why snow is cold and boiling water is hot, why there is fall of the leaves and how it is possible for airplanes to fly, why sky isn't green but blue and what stars are. In school I got answers to many of my questions by studying geography, biology and history, but the most of the precise, logical and harmonious answers I received at the classes of physics. That is why I am very fond of this beautiful science and aimed to continue my studying of physics.

After my sixth grade in high school I passed entrance exams to phys-math school, headed by brilliant pedagogue A. He taught physics at very high level and he encouraged me to improve my knowledge and understanding of physics. He practiced with gifted pupils in addition in the weekends and explained complicated themes that he omitted in the main classes. I learnt solving of complicated problems and conducting of physical experiments in school laboratory. He also recommended me a bunch of literature, which I found very cognitive. Our math and chemistry teachers were also very professional and wanted students to acquire the very best education.

With such teachers it wasn't difficult for me to win regional olympiads in physics, mathematics and chemistry. That time I had to decide, whether my future specialty would be physics or chemistry. I chose physics. After Russian school physics olympiads, where I received 2nd diploma in 1994 and 1995 I was chosen to represent Russia on 27th international physics olympiad in Oslo, where I took Bronze Medal. During the time of preparation to all these olympiads I gained not only much new knowledge and experience but also confidence that I had made right choice of my subject.

After high school I entered Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, which, as I knew, could offer the very best education in the fields of physics and mathematics. Lectures and seminars were very interesting, and experiment practices gave me final perception that I want to become a physicist-researcher. Among all fields of modern physics I chose solid state and condensed matter physics. Along studying of general and theoretical physics I started profound study of my major at the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP) in Chernogolovka.

I have listened to several specialized courses of general aspects of the theory of solid state, spectroscopy and now I am listening the courses of physics of metals, semiconductors and some others. Besides, there were several experimental courses where I gained experience with handling of modern equipment of present-day physics.

Now I work at ISSP as a part-time research assistant in the laboratory of superconductivity under guidance of Dr. B, the head of laboratory. Our current work concerns creation and investigation of P-contact (foundation for future quantum computers) and its properties. It is rather new thing in physics of solid state, there is a lot of work for researcher and it is very interesting. I quite enjoy making experiments and interpreting data obtained. Dr. B often gives me his or other scientists' recent articles of nowadays researches or just recommends to read them in magazines like PhysRev. These activities give me so valuable experience as well as satisfaction of hard work.

Summarize all written above, I believe that my serious intention for study, my past lab work, academic background in various areas of physics and mathematics will be beneficial for my graduate studies and research. I think it would be a good chance to receive high-level education under guidance of strong scientists and excellent teachers and with the help of first-class equipment presented at Your University.

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