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Brendan Kruger's Basement Nerds Aerospace Forums

Frank Ellinghaus' Solar Thruster Sailor (STS)

Vic Stathopoulos'

Mike Preisler's Galaxy Trading Post

Marc Jaxa-Rozen's Personal Aeronautics Page

Mike Peterson's Aviation Sites 4 You

David English's Great Aviation Quotes

Hans Engel's General Aviation Website

Roger Withcomb's Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays

Wim van Diermen's F-22 Raptor Page

Joao Vidal's Aviation Website

Darrell Hillier's Aviation in Newfoundland and Labrador Page

Robert Mackinnon's Aircraft Page

Hankie Hoogstrate's Plane Writing Page

Muche's Warbirds

Joe Ferm's God's Co-Pilot

Gale Craig's How Airplanes Really Fly

Rainer Fritsch's Aircraft Page

Koop's Aviation Resource

Mike Gruntman's Astronautics and Spacecraft Design Page

Edmondo Orlotti's Space Related Site

Evert van Koningsveld's Aviation Page

George Ward's Aviation Links

JoŽl ASCH's Aerobatic Homepage from Paris, France

Patrick De Clercq Airplanes & Aviation

Michel Klaver's Grims Homepage

Daniel Risacher's Black Horse Page

Brian Roberts' space/astronomy hotlist

Bill Bufer's Homepage

Alexei Gretchikhine's Russian Aviation Page

Luis Martin-Crespo's Aviation page in Spain

Gary Bradshaw's Notes and Photographs On the Invention of the Airplane

Kenneth Haegg's FAA flight instructor home page

Roy Cochrun's Russian Aircraft Resource

The Andy Hutchings Homepage

Airship and Zeppelin pages @ Colorado

Kelly's GIFs @ BYU

Internet Aerospace Links Homepage