Dege Tour Information, 1998

Kham grasslands


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On the road in Kham 
Handsome Khampa 
Fortress above Baiya 
Baiya and fortress 
Zhara Lhatse 
Zhara Lhatse Mtn 
Palpung Gonpa 
Palpung Monastery 
  For background information about the region and its people, take a look at this travel article about Kham. There are more images posted in the Dege Photo Gallery.

PLUS it may be possible to arrange a visit to a Bon Monastery (Bon is Tibet's indigeneous animist faith), a ride in a yak-hike coracle (boat), an exhibition of lama dancing, an audience with His Eminence the Baiya Rinpche, and other surprises !

1998 Itinerary

Sun Sept 6 arrive in Chengdu
Sept 7 drive Kangding (Dartsendo) (hotel)
Sept 8 explore Kangding: monasteries, shopping, Racehorse Hill (hotel)
Sept 9 drive Ganzi (stay in hotel or camp outside of town)
Sept 10 drive Dzogchen/Shechen (camp in vicinity)
Sept 11 explore Dzogchen/Shechen: hermit caves, day hikes (camp)
Sept 12 drive to Dege (hotel)
Sept 13 explore Dege, printing house, Tibetan medicine hospital,(hotel)
Sept 14 drive and ride to Palpung (stay at Palpung)
Sept 15 at Palpung: day hikes
Sept 16 ride to Baiya (stay at Baiya)
Sept 17 explore Baiya: visit farmhouses, fortress (stay at Baiya)
Sept 18 ride to Dzongsar (camp)
Sept 19 explore Dzongsar (camp)
Sept 20 drive along upper reaches of Yangtze River(camp)
Sept 21 drive to Chamdo (hotel)
Sept 22 explore Chamdo (hotel)
Sept 23 drive Bangda (hotel)
Sept 24 explore Bangda (hotel)
Sept 25 fly to Chengdu (hotel)
Sept 26 explore Chengdu, free time (hotel)
Sun Sept 27 depart

Important: Itinerary may undergo last-minute changes because of road conditions, flight availability, civil disturbance, etc. Be ready to roll with the punches--this is part of the adventure of traveling in Tibet!

The group size will be limited to eight. Land cost out of Chengdu is US$3500. (If you think this is expensive, then check out the competition!) A portion of this will go toward supporting the Kham Aid Foundation, including the repair and conservation of some monasteries you will be visiting. This portion of your payment is tax deductible; we'll let you know how much it works out to be after the trip is over and all the bills are in.


Please see also this list of reasons not to go to Tibet.

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