Taklamakan Map
This map shows central Xinjiang Province and the Taklamakan Desert, in northwest China. The route marked at the top was taken by P. Logan during the course of the adventures described in her book Among Warriors. Parts shown in red were bicycled. The Karakoram Highway continues off the lower left corner of this map into Pakistan's Northern Areas, and extends all the way to Islamabad.

The route marked on the lower part of this map was taken by a CERS team during a 1993 Silk Road project reconnaissance mission. The team entered the region via a remote and difficult road leading north from the Changtang Plateau of Tibet (lower left). This road passes through the disputed (with India) Aksai Chin area where the marked route begins on the edge of the map, and then as it continues north it descends into the desert. The team visited various ruins along the way as they skirted the desert from west to east. After the desert segment of the trip, the team turned north toward the Xinjiang capital, Urumqi (upper right, not labeled).

The mountains at the top are the Tian Shan, at the bottom are the Kunlun, center left are the Pamirs and lower left are the Karakoram.