Logan the Shogun

by Morton Blatt, 1987

Careening from one nexus
Of earth to the next lexus
Every curve with verve
Goes our Pam.
Like polychrest mending
For her its girt.
So goes our Pam bending
About the earth's remotest land
Like Pan displays panache
With cloche, translucently
Soars with black belt on waist
To demonstrate and make haste;
From the Himalayan lids
To the base of pyramids
From reality of the moment
To the picture postcards of
Yesterday's memories -
Our Pam on the lam
Came home
For the grand slam.
The end result of
Grey cells and cult.
Faculty, that is!
So now it ends like the kaiser
A bit wider.
A Ph.D!


by Joost Vossen, 1996

In the black of
the night
a crack from
the campfire
3 - 2 - 1 - go
and a fire fly
takes off
Pam sits legs
one sided
on the back of
Space Shuttle 01223
She is alright
in the desert night
moon rays cover
her head
follow her path