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Pamela Logan's Asia Adventure Page


An audience with His Holiness, October 13, 1999.

Nov 30, 1999

I guess the biggest news is a visit I had with a certain Nobel Prize winner in his suite at the Ritz-Carlton in San Marino (see above).

Recently I had a couple of photos in National Geographic Magazine, and stirred up a ruckus with this opinion piece about reporting on Tibet. During my just-completed fall mission to Asia, I led a trip for High Asia, and conducted some work for the Kham Aid Foundation..

I've created two completely new sections on this site: The North Pole, and Politically Incorrect. Elsewhere, you can read about my new program Wheelchairs to Tibet, a report about a visit to the King Gesar Monument.

March 21, 1999

The schedule for my spring trip to Tibet is now set--tentatively, anyway. From April 20-24 I'll be in Beijing; April 25 to May 3 in Chengdu; May 4 to May 25 in Ganzi Prefecture, returning home on May 29. I will be intermittently reachable by e-mail, and now I have an ICQ number as well for real-time conversations over the internet.

On April 29 I'll be giving a lecture/slide-show to the American Chamber of Commerce in Chengdu. Time: 6:30pm. Location: Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza. For more information contact Bob Mustard at (028) 678-6666 x501.

Most of the photos on this site are now COMPRESSED so they will load faster. If you got frustrated browsing through the photography page, please try it again now.

March 5, 1999

BIG NEWS: Ganzi Prefecture is now open for unrestricted travel by foreigners in all of its eighteen counties. This is the chance of a lifetime to see a traditional Tibetan region before it's overrun by tourists. Check out travel information on the KAF home page, http://www.khamaid.org.

My autumn 1998 trip to Kham brought progress on many fronts. In September I led a tour of Dege.  We visited Gyalten Rinpoche's home in Rongbatsa, before moving on to Baiya and Palpung Monasteries. We also went to Dzongsar Gonpa and visited their College of Buddhism. In October I took architect and environmental planner William Semple to Kham, where we investigated the state of traditional Tibetan timber buildings, and how they are affected by deforestation in the region. I also checked out the results of the Kham Aid Foundation BOOKS FOR SCHOOLS program, and returned to Baiya Monastery with Baiya Rinpoche himself to see him conduct an empowerment there.

On another front, I've now posted a prospectus for the Eurasian Origins Foundation that includes some details about my work to use radar remote sensing on the Silk Road. And there are now TONS MORE PHOTOS posted here.

MORE NEWS: Coming soon, to a bookstore near you! My new book, Saving Tibetan Art about the work I've been doing to rescue the murals at Baiya Monastery. I'm currently working on the second draft.

OLD NEWS, NEWLY POSTED: Articles about frogs in Tibet and a Tibetan Sky Burial that I witnessed at Drigung Monastery, plus: Kanas Lake, just south of Siberia.

politically incorrect kham aid tibetan art silk road home karate china rocket science the north pole
books photography what's new tuva write me about me