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SFGate News, and MountainNet's News and Weather

Windows magazine and FTP servers

ClariNet e.News

Recreation and Weather

Internet Resources

Lycos search

NCSA What's New page, archive, and comprehensive list of FTP sites

Yahoo's index of resources.

CERN WorldWideWeb project and Virtual Library

O'Reilly and Associates, Global Network Navigator, and The Whole Internet Catalog

EIT list of network information services

Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet: Some Interesting Telnet Sites

UMN's All the Gophers in the World

California World Wide Web Servers from Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (Comments, corrections, and announcements of new California servers, including the city in which the server is located, can be sent to Sam Coleman at

Information Discovery, Inc. Master index of home pages, and Research Toolbox. maintains a comprehensive list of WWW servers.

NAMINET WWW Links: Environment Home Pages, United Nations Home Pages, Government Home Pages, Public Policy Home Pages, NAMINET Linkages, Other Helpful Sites, Finding Web Information, Personal, World Wide Web Info

Interlinks, including statistical software and datasets

Merit Network Information Center Services: gopher://,,

Purdue Engineering Computer Network's WWW Information Sources and Sites of Interest: information about WWW, HTML, Lynx, Veronica, ...

NPAC.syr's Internet/WWW reference guide

U.Fl Examples

Surfing the Internet Florida State University Surfing the Internet class projects.

Netscape Communications

Internet Distribution Services, Inc.

CNS, Inc. (Community News Service) Gopher subject tree

Colorado SuperNet Gopher

Misc. gopher catalogs

Directory of WAIS information servers

EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet: A round trip through Global Networks, Life in Cyberspace, and Everything... * "A Superhighway through the Wasteland?" * Setting up and Jacking in * Ready, Set... * Go! * Public-Access Internet Providers * etc... * Texinfo Edition 2.3, September 1994 by Adam Gaffin with Jörg Heitkötter.
Also, see other Big Dummy's Guide sources

"Integrated Earth" Information Servers: Contributions to 9/94 IEIS Workshop

Internet Tools reference guide

Help Getting Started ...

"K12 Networking Made Simple"

Guide to Obtaining browsers

Human Computer Interactions Lessons Learned Implementing a Navigation Server for the Web

Internet Society's gopher (international organization for the Internet, its technologies and applications)

SouthEast Ohio Regional Freenet

Novell Netware


Mt. Wilson Observatory

Ames Research Center

Caltech and Undergrad Computer Science Lab, Stanford, UC Berkeley

University of Texas at Austin Web Central contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Other stuff

Calif Environmental Resources Evaluation System, from CA Resources Agency

Teale FTP

U.S. Bureau of the Census

NOAA, with environmental info

USGS index of earth and environmental resources

UC San Diego Maps Research Services Dept., Univ. Library, La Jolla, CA, US: Links to major WWW sites featuring land, ocean, atmospheric and planetary data.

Take a trip through a museum or two at UNC SunSite's Expo, the Smithsonian, or CNAM.

Find out what happened on this day in history.

A great deal of MS-Windows software is available from or mirrored sites at

The Mutual Fund Network: prospecti, fund profiles, performance reports, and account applications.

The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier, by Bruce Sterling. Literary Freeware

Computer Science Lab at SRI

Darwin's Links: Life is like a box of chocolates.
Aurelius Prochazka at GALCIT, Doug's Lynx Homepage, and Bill B are just as varied.

Usenet newsgroup gophers: gopher://
Usenet etc.,
main, and combined (another) (another) (another) (another) (another) (another) (another) hierarchies, and an alternative source for main and alternate hierarchies.
Usenet postings are also available here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Excerpt: Reading news with Mosaic Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center Reading news with Mosaic Point and Click reading of News Groups Below is a list of different news domains. To access the list of newsgroups for a particular domain, simply click on the domain name. For example, the Georgia Tech newsgroups can be accessed by clicking on the word "git" below. Please note that access to certain newsgroups depends upon your client's ability to read these newsgroups, not the servers!!! acc atl bionet bit comp control ddn dnet ga general git gnu ieee info junk k12 misc news opinions rec sci soc system talk test to trial u3b usa-today vmsnet Rob Kooper Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center Georgia ... description: mac directory: app * cap * Collage * comm * demo * game * gopher * graphics * info-mac * k12 * kermit * mail * mirror-umich * Mosaic * multigate * netatalk * ppp * sound * telnet * umich * uploads * util * www * X.500 * x500


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

bytes: 848, links: 5, excerpt: Select one of: * About the interface newsletter * September 1994 interface articles * October 1994 interface articles * November/December 1994 interface articles * A HREF="//"

bytes: 6231, links: 41, excerpt: Select one of: CricInfo (Cricket) Gopher * DASPrint Gopher - Printing Division * Eastern Oregon State College * International Society for Technology in Education * North Clackamas K12 * Northwest Regional Educational Laboratories, Educational R&D Network * Northwest Regional Educational Laboratories, Gopher * Oregon Graduate Institute, Gopher Information ...

bytes: 37816, links: 247, excerpt: Select one of: ( * ( * ( * ( * ( * ( * ( * ( * ( * ( * Pacific Biological Station * Tarleton State Un...

K-12 Networking at Virginia Tech The National Science Foundation, in cooperation with the Blacksburg Electronic Village and the Montgomery County School System, is sponsoring a project to plan the future of network-based education in the County schools. The agenda for the next few months will result in a set of educational objectives and an implementation plan for reaching those objectives. The project is co-sponsored by Bell Atlantic, Busch Entertainment, and Scholastic Network . The principal activity is a series of project-based training sessions for teachers who will become leaders within the school system in the application of network-based activities. The project will be directed by a core group of educators from the schools and ...


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The Internet
Global Heritage Center
Finite Systems Consulting online information service
TheWorld Guide to Ski
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Macintosh Educational Software: Chemistry, Math, Latin, Greek
Scan/USŪ for Windows Product Overview
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Virtual Online University
Youth and the World Summit for Social Development
The World Wide Web- tools for aspiring web weavers
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Internet: The Cyberian Connection - On Video Home Page
Two Servers, One Interface
San Francisco, California Real Estate Forum
Borland Online
Multimedia File Formats on the Internet
CSG Home Page
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The Net After Dark
Questel/Orbit: Patent and Trademark Welcome Page
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
The Natio
Horses Monthly
Interactive Marine Observations
Interactive Marine Reports: Southwest U.S.
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