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Who am I

First of all, I'm not that guy who played James Bond in all of the movies. People always ask, so I thought I'd get ahead and answer before anyone had a chance.

I like to think of myself as a chemist. It sort of defines who I am, both in terms of my job and my outlook on life. I graduated from Caltech in 1994 with a degree in Chemistry, concentrating on organic synthesis. At Caltech, I was a memeber of Fleming House, the finest house on campus. I currently work at The Beckman Research Institute at the City of Hope, the research branch of a major cancer hospital. My work there involves developing improved methods of chemical protein sequencing.

I have a number of interests besides Chemistry. I'm moderately serious about baseball, both following the Colorado Rockies and studying the history of the game and its players. I also do some writing, although I have a bad habit of starting pieces and not finishing them.

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