My Writings

The Effect of Batting Order
This essay was originally posted to the USENET group, recovered using DejaNews, and then reformatted for HTML. It's and attempt to answer the classic baseball question of how important batting order in scoring runs. To do this, I wrote a short BASIC program to simulate baseball games using some simple stats, and then let it play literally thousands of seasons with a team using one lineup playing against a team using another.
Mass Craft Production
This essay is an exploration of what I think is potentially the biggest change in our economy since the industrial revoulution- the application of computers to manufacturing. More than simply increasing productivity, I think that it will cause a fundamental change in the way that goods are designed and made.
Ode to Boredom
This is a poem I started late one night in the lab while doing a distillation. After about 7 hours I was both bored and tired enough to start getting silly, so I started this poem to relieve my boredom. I finished it later, but I home it conveys my feelings for 10 hour distillations.