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Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the 'Net. I hope you find your stay pleasant. In all honesty, this page is still under construction as I may never be satisfied with what I have done, but I've taken down the "under construction" sign anyway. Please feel free to make yourself comfortable, but don't be shocked if you notice extensive, ah, remodeling done between visits.

I guess I should put in a little bit of what I'm doing these days. I'm the liaison between the Stanford Nanocharacterization Laboratory and the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility. I'm also trying to finish up my graduate studies (don't ask me which year) in Materials Science at Stanford University. I'm in Professor Robert Sinclair’s research group, looking at the structures and properties of iron-carbide multilayers.

Anyway, as for what I do in my free time (wait, free time?), well, you can probably figure that out if you look around this place a bit!

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