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9. Other Devices

9.1. Holographic Storage Products {Brief,New}

Holoplex is a startup company doing holographic memories. Info on the web at They reportedly have a 100-image store available as a product. (rdv, 96/7/23)

Tamarack Storage Devices, Inc, a spin-off from Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), is developing with Projectavision Inc. to produce a product with ten times greater storage densities than magnetic and 10 to 1000 times faster than floppies, tapes, and CD-ROMS. First products expected first quarter 1994. (Ref: MCC Collagorations Newsletter, Volume 3, No. 1; Spring 1993)


Note: obviously Tamarack hasn't changed the storage world yet; anybody know how they're doing? They were awarded another $10.7M by ARPA in 1995 for continued research, but I can't even find a web page for them. (rdv, 96/7/23)

Also another report of experiments at Stanford recently (8/94).

Scientific American in the Nov. 95 issue reportedly has an article about holographic storage, but I haven't tracked it down yet.

BYTE Magazine - April 1996 Good Cover Story on "Holographic Storage"

The trade journal "Data Storage" for May/June 1996 had an article on holographic storage.

Reportedly there is work going on at Georgia Tech on 3-D liquid crystal data storage, producing a possible gain of 3 orders of magnitude. (rdv, 1996/3/29, from HPCWIRE)

9.2. TeraStor {Brief, New}

Big splash and a bunch of announcements March '97. Apparently they've developed a technique for putting the laser optics for a magneto-optical drive onto the slider for a regular magnetic head, giving better density to MO products. Company's still young and needs lots of people, but it's experienced storage guys. I think their suggestion that they'll have products in early '98 is probably optimistic. See (rdv,97/3/18)

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