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4. Truly Frequently Asked Questions

Part 2 の「miscellaneous」という章も見てください。

* XのやつはどうやってYのコンピュータにつなぎますか。

comp.periphs.x あるいは comp.sys.y というニュースグループで聞いてくだ さい。

* Yoyodyne 4000 のジャンパーはどうやっていいんでしょうか。

それも comp.periphs.yoyodyne に聞いてください。

* 誰かがPCかUnixのバックアップパケジを推奨していtだきますか。

1994年8月号の PC World でバックアップパケジについて記事がでました。

* DATとDLTは人気ありますね。

この FAQ に DAT と DLT はテープドライブ部には情報ありますよ。

* 誰かがXXX社の電話番号をご存知ですか。

モザイクを使える方はwww.cmpcmm.comを見てく ださい。

Also see the miscellaneous section near the end of part 2 of the FAQ.

* How do I connect X to Y?

Try asking in the appropriate comp.periphs.x or comp.sys.y groups.

* What about the jumper settings for my Yoyodyne 4000?

Try asking in the appropriate comp.periphs.yoyodyne group. This group attempts to keep the discussion at a higher level.

* Can somebody recommend a PC or Unix backup package? (SHMO)

The Aug. '94 issue of PC World has an article covering PC tape drives (mostly QIC), and covers backup software to some extent as well. Try asking this question in the PC-related newsgroups.

I've started adding a list of backup software to part 2 of this FAQ, though it's not very complete yet.

* What about DAT/DLT/8mm/...?

Covered in the sections on tape drives & media. There is also a DLT-specific FAQ maintained by a guy from DEC posted occassionally here.

* Does anybody have the phone number of...? There's a long list currently posted to: (inside FAQ) and in biz.zeos.general.

For the WWW-enabled, check out

* What about RAID7?

See the description under RAID arrays; NOT a popular topic around here.


This topic is responsible for generating the most heat in this group. There are a few sentences about it in part 2 of the FAQ, but I'm not qualified to write this section (and/or not willing to suffer the public humiliation :-).

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