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14. Network-Attached Peripherals {Brief}

Coming soon. My own research is in this area; if you're lucky you might find some pointers by going through my home page Contributions welcome.

Look for "A Brief Survey of Current Work on Network-Attached Peripherals" in the January '96 ACM Operating Systems Review, by yours truly. An expanded, updated version is available on the web at (rdv, 96/1/22) is Garth Gibson's Parallel Data Lab, where they're doing excellent work on network-attached storage devices.

At Lawrence Livermore, they're doing a network-attached RAID array to integrate into HPSS; see

The ViewStation work at MIT, is concentrating on ATM-attached peripherals, using ATM as a system-area network.

The Netstation project (which I work on at ISI) is focusing on IP-connectible peripherals, using a gigabit network as the system backplane.

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