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15. Other References

15.1. Print

        Computer Technology Review magazine, 310/208-1335, free to some.
        Electronic News, weekly, 800/722-2346.
        MacWeek, June 7, 1993, Page 36+
	IEEE Computer had a full issue in March 94 on I/O subsystems

There are also two books by Sanjay Ranade (, who posts here occassionally. One is _Mass Storage Technologies_ (1991ish?), the other, newer one is _Mass Storage Systems_. I've read the first one, it's a little short on detail but a good overview.

15.2. Web standards and tons of info. performance reports, media surveys, etc. Goes into a lot of detail on topics such as archival stability. lists some resellers and manufacturers of storage. has good information about PC hardware, including old interfaces, floppies, controllers, etc. It has a LONG list of specs for hard drives. also has good info on hard drives and CD-ROM drives. lists storage products and market projections.

15.3. Newsgroups

You're in the primary one ( You'll also find info in the groups on SCSI, PC hardware, and specific operating systems. I'll try to add pointers to their FAQs soon.

The FAQ for can be found at

15.4. Research Papers

I'm collecting reviews and a list of papers now, I expect to add it in a few weeks. Contributions/suggestions welcome.

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