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19. Additional Topics to be added

File Systems: Unix, IBM, VMS, Tops-20, Extent-based, Amiga, Mac
(resource & data forks)
FTP Sites
Volume Sets & Partitions
Important People/Mass Storage History
Books & Other Publications
Principles for Evaluating New Technologies
Performance Evaluation
  seek time measurement
  concurrent operations
  queueing theory
Head Lifetime
Versioning in File Systems
Managing Risk
Media Migration/Managing Change
Physical v. Logical Addressing (seek optimizations, etc.)
Channels v. Busses
Intelligent Storage Subsystems
DEC's HSC-50 and star cluster for VAXen
Mainframe & Supercomputer I/O controllers
The broadcast and home audio/video / mass storage connection
Databases and Mass Storage
File System Research: watchdogs, named pipes, compressing FSes
The naming problem: Prospero
Distributed Locking & Update
Content-Addressable Storage & Other Unusual Ideas
The old film-storage system Sam Coleman talks about
Byte Ordering
Supercomputer Storage
Companies: Adstor, Avastor
I/O Benchmarks
User file systems
System CPU & bus loads for file system work
Memory-Mapped Files
Persistent Object Systems & their files
The VFS layer in Unix
What to look for in a backup product
Offsite Storage v. Network Backup
Test Equipment -- SCSI & HiPPI Analyzers
(reorganize along small user/large user/developer lines?)
(need to date every entry if possible)

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