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2. I/O Related Email Lists

Here is a list of email reflectors for those who need to be deeply involved in the technical details of various interfaces and standards.

                                                                April 6, 
            I/O Interface Related Reflectors (mailing lists)

              Subscribe/                                    majordomo/
Reflector     Unsubscribe          Broadcast to             listserv
Name          Address              Reflector                keyword
 ------------- -------------------- ------------------------ 
SCSI          scsi-request@symbios         n/a (human)
ATA            ata
ATAPI         atapi
SSA            ssa
IDETAPE       idetape
Disk Attach   disk_attach
10bit         10bit
CD-Recordable           cdr
System Issues            si
MultiMedia           mmc
IEEE P1394    bob.snively@eng.sun.            n/a (human)
SFF           bob.snively@eng.sun.    n/a (human)
IPI         ipi-ext
HIPPI      hippi-ext
Fibre Chan.  fibre-channel-ext@think. 
FC IP Prot.      fc-ip-ext
PCMCIA    pcmcia-gen
FC Class 4    majordomo@northyork.  fc-class4
FC Isoch.     majordomo@northyork. fc-isoch@northyork.hp.   fc-isoch

All of the majordomo and listserv reflectors are automatic. To subscribe or unsubscribe, send a message to the subscribe/unsubscribe address with a line in the message body (not the subject line) of the following format:

command reflector_name [your_email_address]

NOTE: At least for the reflectors at, your email address is optional. If you include it and it doesn't match the address in the email headers, there will be a delay while humans verify your email address.


subscribe ata
subscribe ssa
subscribe ssa
subscribe atapi
subscribe mmc
subscribe fibre-channel-ext
subscribe pcmcia-gen
unsubscribe ssa

The other reflectors are managed by humans who are a little less picky about the request format, but not quite as prompt. Please include your name, email address, phone, and fax numbers in the message body for the human-managed reflectors.

(with permission from John Lohmeyer, 95/5/10)

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