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5. Tape and Autochanger Management Software

This category of software can overlap with both HSM and backup, above, and basic tools are often available from the autochanger hardware vendors, below. New additions to this category welcome -- I'm sure there are numerous vendors I don't know. Functionality varies widely, from rudimentary "move the cartridge" interfaces to sophisticated tape-tracking databases. (rdv, 95/6/1)

5.1. REELlibrarian

Actually a whole set of software tools from Storage Tek, available through Software Clearing House, Manages different types of media for you, including 3480 in STK silos, under MVS or Unix. (rdv from, 95/6/1)

5.2. ANT Medium Changer

There is a public version of a Solaris 2.x Medium Changer driver with a set of command line utilities in our FTP server. Only restriction is that you cannot bundle it with another product or resell it (intended for end-user use only). or (Tim Sesow, ANT, 1995/9/21)

5.3. Tapes 3000 {Brief}

Tapes3000 is a UNISON/TYMLABS product that puts a label on a reel tape, DDS, any kind of media storage and adds it to a "tapes database" so you do not have to manually log and label backup tapes or special request tapes, and possibally make a mistake. You can also use this for unlabeled media, but then you would have to manually log the media. You are able to set a "dataset" for differrent retentions (Generations, weekly, monthly, daily etc). Then when those criteria are met the program will automatically scratch those tapes, then you run a report and it will give you a list of what scratched for that day, week, or whatever time you want to run the job.

Tapes3000 is part of a package that you can receive called MAESTRO which is a job scheduler program. Not an autochanger control package, just tape management software. (R Johnson , 1996/3/25)

5.4. Others

Many of the HSM (including EMASS, above, with their VolServ) and backup vendors also sell simple autochanger control interfaces. Check with them.

Some things I've read indicate that one or more of the university-based projects ought to have a freely available autochanger controller; if anybody has any info on this let me know.

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