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4. Backup Software

Backup software usually provides some form of management of files, tapes, and autochangers. Retrieval of files is not automatic (as in true HSM). These are designed to allow you to recover from disk or file system failures, and to recover files accidentally (or maliciously) deleted or corrupted. Some work in conjunction with HSM systems, which are often vulnerable to the latter class of problems.

I've concentrated here on backup software that supports various autochangers, as this is of more interest to people in this group than standalone software for backing up one hard disk onto one tape.

4.1. PC-Oriented Backup Packages

I don't think any of the PC operating systems come with tape support built in, so you have to have some 3rd party software to work with tape. This short list is primarily oriented toward PC servers. It's partly derived from _PC Magazine_, March 29, 1994, pp. 227-272.

Note that there has been an ongoing discussion of the pitfalls of Windows 95 and third-party backup software; many in particular are having trouble with long file names.

Arcada Software - Storage Exec.		(NT)
Avail					(NT)
Cheyenne Software - ArcServe		(Netware)
Conner Storage Systems - Backup Exec	(Netware)
Emerald Systems - Xpress Librarian
Fortunet - NSure NLM/AllNet
Hewlett Packard - OmniBack II		(NT)
Legato - NetWorker			(Netware)
Mountain Network Solutions - FileSafe
NovaStor				(Netware)
Palindrome - Network Archivist		(Netware, OS/2, Windows)
Palindrome -Backup Director
Performance Technology - PowerSave	(Netware)
Systems Enhancement - Total Network Recall

Arcada is at 800/327-2232 and at

{Under Construction}(SHMO)

4.2. Unix Packages

Some people claim "Unix tape support is an oxymoron," so there's a big market in outdoing tar, dump, dd and cpio.

APUnix - FarTool
Cheyenne - ArcServe (see under PCs, above)
Dallastone - D-Tools
Delta MicroSystems (PDC) - BudTool
Epoch Systems - Enterprise Backup
IBM - ADSM (Adstar Distributed Storage Manager)
Hewlett Packard - OmniBack II
Legato - Networker
Network Imaging Systems
Open Vision - AXXion Netbackup 2.0 Software
Software Moguls - SM-arch
Spectra Logic - Alexandria
Workstation Solutions

{Under Construction}(SHMO)

4.2.1. Spectra Logic Alexandria

Spectra Logic makes 4mm & 8mm autochangers, but this software supports other autochangers as well. Has a nice feature that it claims to be capable of backing up live Oracle, Informix and Sybase databases. email (rdv,95/2/14) On the web at

4.2.2. ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager

Runs on everything from OS/2, AIX and OS/400 to VSE/ESA, MVS and VM providing backups for virtually everything you can think of in PCs and workstations. (800)IBM-3333 or anonymous ftp to (rdv,95/2/14) or

4.2.3. NetWorker

Backup software. See Runs on a wide variety of platforms and supports a bunch of types of autochangers.

Legato Systems, Inc. 
3145 Porter Drive
Palo Alto, CA 94304 
Phone: 415-812-6000 
Fax Number: 415-812-6032 
Fax-on-demand: 415-812-6156 

4.2.4. BudTool {Brief}

PDC Engineering
111 Lindbergh Avenue
Suite C
Livermore, CA 94550 USA
(510) 449-6881
FAX (510) 449-6885


4.2.5. HP OmniBack II {Brief, New}

HP's OmniBack II runs on several different platforms, and splits the functionality up. The Backup manager appears to run only on NT, but it can use devices attached to various flavors of Unix, and backs up ten different kinds of Unix and PC clients. Now marketed jointly with OmniStorage, their HSM system, in a (sales) program they call OpenView. See (rdv, 98/1/16)

4.2.6. Workstation Solutions {Brief}

See Runs on a variety of Unix platforms, and supports a reasonably broad range (20GB-5TB) of autochangers and tape systems (4mm, 8mm, DLT, VHS). (rdv, 96/7/8)

4.2.7. Amanda {Brief, New}

Subscribe to and for some time. The "current" distibution of Amanda seems to be from, with version A very good backup system, with no dollar investment. (David Olsen, , 1/23/97)

You'll also find a FAQ on it at

4.2.8. Remote Backup or Mirroring {Brief, New}

It's now possible, in several fashions, to backup systems over a network or even a modem, for recovery from fires and even disk crashes.

Channel extenders, such as the CHANNELink from CNT and the Symmetrix Remote Data Facility, are used by some mainframe systems to create remote copies of disks (remote mirroring) as a disaster recovery measure. Early systems used dedicated fibre or telephone lines and ran proprietary communications protocols. Newer systems from CNT are capable of communicating over general-purpose wide-area networks, thus saving the costs of the dedicated lines.

It's also possible to backup PCs over your modem in an incremental fashion, through your ISP; one example is

Two other companies that do this over the Internet (out of, I believe, more than 30) are Connected Corp., Framingham, MA; Virtual Technology Corp., Minneapolis, MN.

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