1996 Cotsen Open and American Go Circuit Tournament

                          1996 COTSEN OPEN
             Sponsored by Eric Cotsen and The Ing Foundation
WHAT: The Cotsen Open, 6 Dan and up, AGTC Tournament to help determine 
      the US representative at the Fujitsu Cup.
      Cotsen Handicap Tournament, open to all ranks, except as above,
      even and handicap games.
      All games will be AGA rated, and will be run under the ING Go
WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, September 21 and 22, 1996
WHERE: New Gardena Hotel, 1641 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., Gardena, CA
       Take the 405 Freeway, south to Redondo Beach Blvd., east, just
       past Western, hotel is on North side of street.
       Take the 405 Freeway, north to Artesia, east to Western, N to
       Redondo Beach Blvd., east, hotel is on north side of street.
       Room information, call 310-327-5757
       Saturday, September 21                 Sunday, September 22
       8:00 AM to 9:30 AM  Registration       10:00 AM Fourth Game
       9:30 AM to 10:00 AM Rules Discussion   1:00 PM  Final Game
       10:00 AM            First Game         4:00 PM  Awards Ceremony
       1:00 PM             Second Game
       3:00 PM             Third Game
       7:30 PM Pro Game between Yi-lun Yang, 7P and Yigang Hua, 8P
ENTRY FEES: Cotsen Open  $30    Cotsen Handicap  $20
            All players must be current AGA members. AGA memberships,
both full and limited will be available at the door. Register early!!
By pre-registering by September 7, 1996, save 10% on your entry fee.
Beginners and children are especially welcome, so donít be afraid to
come and play. Bring your kids, friends, relatives, and acquaintances!
________Cotsen Open  $30          _______Cotsen Handicap  $20
________AGA Full Membership  $25  _______AGA Limited Membership  $10
________One Time Only playing fee   $5
      If you are already an AGA member, your AGA #_______________
AMOUNT ENCLOSED:________________10% discount if paid by before 9/7/96
PHONE NUMBER:_______________________RANK YOU WANT TO PLAY AT__________
Make checks payable to Lawrence Gross, and mail to:
             3242 S. Beverly Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90034
Questions:  310-235-7415, 310-838-9080, le144@netcom.com

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