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Dear Friends,

For those of you who have lost track of me, I am currently a Professor of Law at the Whittier Law School in Los Angeles. Marie Beall (Class of 1975 Ruddock House) and I have been married since 1978 and have two daughters, Helen (age 9) and Elizabeth (age 7). We live on the west side of Los Angeles near Santa Monica. Despite its name, the law school where I work is not in Whittier but rather in the mid-Wilshire section of Los Angeles about half way between downtown and the ocean. When it is not flattened by earthquakes or other minor dislocations, we travel the world's busiest freeway (the Santa Monica freeway) every morning.

Professional Activities

I teach and write primarily in the fields of intellectual property (e.g., copyrights, patents, and trade secrets) and corporate crime. My first book "Corporate Crime and Sentencing" was published last year. One of my most recent projects is The Patent Portal, a homepage devoted to patent law resources on the Internet (see below). A summery of one of my early articles, "Thinking Like a Lawyer: Expert Systems for Legal Practice," is also available from the law school at UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall).

Prior to beginning law teaching in 1983, I was an inside counsel to the IBM Corporation for 5 years. More recently I served as a consultant to the U.S. Sentencing Commission concerning corporate sentencing standards. I am currently a member of the National Center for Preventive Law's Commission on Compliance Standards which is developing standards for evaluating corporate law compliance programs. I am a member of the New York and California state bars and the U.S. patent bar (Reg. No. 38,716).


I am a graduate of the Columbia University School of Law (LL.M. 1982), the USC Law Center (J.D. 1978), and Caltech (B.S. 1975, Applied Physics and History (double major)).

More on The Patent Portal

The Patent Portal is an entry point to patent resources on the Internet. It has three objectives. One is to identify the growing number of patent-related resources available from various sources on the Internet. A second objective is to index and organize links to these resouces so as to give users of this portal rapid access to the Internet's patent resouces. A third objective is to present new materials on patent issues (such as the patentability of software and biotechnology discoveries) that are currently shaping patent law.

Other Interesting WWW Pages

Here's a list of law-related WWW pages that I think you might enjoy:

Federal Laws

State and Local Laws

Other Legal Sources

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