Bob & Ilona’s 2005 Annual BLOG



Hi – friends, relatives, and fellow travelers:


A picture is worth a kiloword, so here’s 24K of our 2005.  Most pictures taken by Ilona.



We spent the winter as camp hosts at Bodega Dunes State Park in Northern California, 65 miles NW of our granddaughter.  Left home last November, drove south until it reached 75 degrees, turned right. Lived in our van, in the rain, for a couple of months.

     Went to Maui when the rain got to us. Rained there, too.



Above Right: Big Bend National Park, Texas

Right: Sonoma Coast State Beach, California

Below: Yosemite National Park, California

Below Right: Ho'okipa, Maui, Hawaii








Nik, Nif, and Constance, in Berkeley, California.

They are in Cambridge, England, for a year or two while Nik gets his MBA. 

Grandbaby #2 is due May 7, 2006!



Above Left: Nik, Nif, Constance (in pumpkin costume) – Halloween 2004

Above: Constance in Cambridge, November 2005

Below Left: Grandma, Constance, Benbear, Maggie

Below: Grandpa & Constance




Spent two weeks sailing in Tahiti with our sailing club from Minnesota.  Beautiful.  Hot.  Humid.  Exotic.  Rained there, too.



Left: Sunsail Base, Raiatea, French Polynesia

Below: Ilona on boat, Bob at Papeete

Below Left: Sunset on Tahiti, looking at Moorea

Below Right: Huahine, French Polynesia












Drove back home to Minnesota in March 2005.

Photographed the blooming desert, looked for places to move to, saw scenery, visited friends on the way.



Above: Superstition Mountains, Arizona

Above Right: Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Right: Our traveling home for 4 months, 2004-2005

Below: Our traveling companions – Moosie, Bearie, and Claire (da loon)




OTHER THINGS WE DID - (not pictured):

  • Ilona volunteered at Mt. Zion Temple, tutored English, ran the blood drive, and took care of the house, garden, yard and husband.
  • Bob volunteered with Amnesty International, Jewish Community Action (racial and social justice), all kinds of political action, and took care of the cars and boat.
  • Visited many friends and relatives around the country (good to see you all again).
  • Spent as much time as possible with our first grandkid, Constance Colleen.



Summer was mostly spent sailing closer to home



Above: Maija Lisa (our sailboat) on Lake Pepin, Mississippi River, Minnesota-Wisconsin

Below: First Mate Ilona (The Admirable)




Our annual two-week July trip, sailing on the North Channel of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada


Above & Below: sailing in the most beautiful pristine place in the world




That is what retirement looked like:

  • November, December 2004 – traveling the Southwest US.
  • January, February – camp hosts at Bodega Dunes State Park, California + visits with Nik, Nif and our grand-daughter Constance
  • January – Maui
  • February – Tahiti (sailing)
  • March – driving home from California to Minnesota
  • May through September – sailing
  • October –Emma’s Bat Mitzvah, California
  • December – going to Oaxaca, Mexico, to learn Spanish
  • March 2006 – England, maybe Italy (pizza) and France (dinner)?
  • April 2006 – Our 40th Wedding Anniversary!




Meanwhile, back home, Ben took care of the house, played Ultimate, worked as a project manager for a local global translation company, and eventually moved to Uptown Minneapolis



Above: Benjamin, Ultimate Frisbee, Minnesota

Right: Benjamin, Superior National Forest, Northeast Minnesota

Below:  The 3 Rouda boys - Ron, Bob & Saul, California, 2005




Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year


Bob & Ilona