Bob & Ilona’s 2006 Annual BLOG

Hi friends, relatives, neighbors -

We did a bit of traveling this year. Retirement is great! See below for some of our best pictures.

Hope to hear from you. Have a great holiday season and new year.

Bob, Ilona, and sometimes Benjamin



January – Oaxaca, Mexico

     We spent 7 weeks in Oaxaca – language school, wonderful food, ruins and other sightseeing, hanging out and enjoying the perfect weather.



January – Oaxaca, Mexico



January – Oaxaca, Mexico



February – Zipolite Beach, Oaxaca, Mexico

     A week on the most perfect beach, with an oceanfront room, wonderful inexpensive food, clothing optional. Paradise.



March – Cambridge UK

     Went to England to visit our first granddaughter Constance and her parents.



March – Sorrento, Italy

     Cheap flights from England to Italy, so we went to Palermo, Sorrento, and Rome. Food was much better than in England.



April – 40th Anniversary

     Cute couple.



May -

Gwendolyn Nikki Rouda, born 5/10/06 – with sister Constance

     Our second granddaughter.




June – sailing our boat on Lake Pepin, Minnesota

     Picture taken by another boat we passed (but we weren’t racing...)



June/July – from Miami to North Carolina in the Gulf Stream

     Helped a friend move his boat, part of the way from Florida to Wisconsin. We sailed the leg from Coconut Grove, Florida, to North Carolina. We were at sea for almost 4 days, 100 miles off the Atlantic coast with a 3-5 knot boost from the Gulf Stream. [a 46’ Morgan ketch]



     Hanging out in the cockpit, far out at sea.






July – North Channel, Lake Huron, Ontario

     Our annual 2-3 week trip to Canada with our boat.



     Interesting anchorage (Dock on the Rock)



      More views in the North Channel. This one is from a peak we scrambled up to.



     Baie Fine on the North Channel, before and during an interesting storm. [We need a bigger boat.]



August – LOWISA (Lake of the Woods International Sailing Association)

     Bob went by himself, crewing on a Sonar, sleeping with 17 people on a houseboat, and enjoying the nightly parties.






September – Lake Pepin, Minnesota

     Bob singlehanding our boat




September – Ben mountaineering in Colorado



September - Grandkids in Minnesota

     Nik, Jennifer and the kids (Constance and Gwendolyn) came for a 2-week visit, during intermission of their multi-year stay in England.

     Constance is at the helm.  



     The Captain and The Admirable.



     Nik and our granddaughters



     Constance, age 2



     Gwendolyn, age 0



October – Paris, France

     Finally made it to Paris



October – Canal du Midi, Southern France

     10 days cruising the Canal du Midi, just north of the Pyrenees



     Went through about 57 locks on the canal



     Carcassonne – a highlight of the trip



November – Home, Minnesota

     We’re actually at home for a change. After France, we plan to stay here through sometime in late December.




November – New Zealand

     Benjamin started traveling around the world.  First stop = 3 months in New Zealand.

     Ilona & Bob stayed home.



     Thermal stuff, in Rotorua, New Zealand



     Volcanic stuff, on North Island, New Zealand (Ben in foreground)



     View toward Milford Sound, New Zealand



     Queenstown, New Zealand



December (actually September) - Oregon

     Nik & Jennifer (standing), Gwendolyn and Constance (upside down)