Evelyn Rose Gallagher Brylow

The extended announcement

There are extra pictures and some more tedious details for those who are desperately curious.

Evelyn was born at 10 minutes before 1am on Sunday, 27 April 2003 at St. Mary's Hospital, London.

Scott and Andrea and Karl have been living in London since autumn of 2001, so working on two years now. This was our chance to compare having a child in California (Karl) with having one in England.

One of the delays on the announcement was picking a name - Karl just looked like a Karl early on. Evelyn didn't give us any obvious hints, so we had to winnow down a list of 5 reasonable names. Evelyn is the name of one of my great aunts and one of Scott's great aunts, so it's a family name. It also just seems pretty ;-)

The pages below have mostly pictures, with a few bits of random information.

At the hospital

Those early pictures, with lots of yelling. And, when I get around to it, the birth story.

Karl and his new baby sister

Karl is pretty excited about the baby sister he's been waiting for. And he's wonderful with her.

At home

We are settling in, and getting to know Evelyn.