Scott M. Brylow
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A senior position in a growing company that uses technology to advance its business goals.

Technology leadership has been a hallmark of my career. I have always helped apply technology to the business needs, primarily by managing the efforts of technologists or integrating technology products into the business. Related to technology, I have also overseen business process development and operational teams, developed business processes to best use existing technologies, and helped marketing define requirements.

Work History
2000-present Independent Consultant
Client/Role : Inventivity (1/02-present) / Consulting Partner
Responsibilities : Co-develop consulting service offerings that support CIO and VP-Engineering roles.  These tools help to analyze and quantify organization performance, alignment with business strategy goals, and mechanisms for implementing and tracking technology strategy.  Co-develop tools for quantitatively evaluating future technology developments relevant to the business and technology strategy of clients.  Produce white papers outlining the approach and results.
Accomplishments : Produced plans for technology organization and strategy evaluations, custom evaluations of future technology impacts, and a white paper outlining results of a future technology evaluation. Sonic VP-Engineering reported a 3-month ROI for work done.

Client/RoleSonic Solutions (8/02-2/03) / Technology Documentation and Process Development
Responsibilities: High-level documentation of a code base of one million lines of code.  Creating a working environment that encourages documentation by  developers.  Development of a more formal software development methodology, an improved product development methodology, and better-defined ways of interacting with other departments (sales, marketing).
Accomplishments: Created an internal FAQ for developers, allowing them to ask questions and post answers, which is now growing organically.  Created UML sequence diagrams, class diagrams, and text documentation allowing new developers to quickly understand in broad terms the overall structure of the code.   Presented a seminar to all engineering managers providing best practice approaches to product development, interactions with other departments, and tools for improved estimating and scheduling.  Worked with engineering managers to help them address ongoing schedule problems with estimation and business process approaches.

 Client/Role : Hotwire (5/01-8/01) / Software Development Manager
Responsibilities : Led a team of 7 developers working on improvements to the live site and provided leadership and guidance to the team of 7 developers assigned to the next generation website development.
Accomplishments : I developed and reported on development metrics such as bug discovery and fix rates, time spent developing, etc. I worked to automate repeating tasks such as the build process, code migration process, etc. I helped people develop software estimating skills and decision-making skills. I refined existing processes governing the interactions between the software developers and both the operations group and the project management group. I spent time with the VP-Engineering helping refine his priorities for the technology organization. Finally, I earned the respect of my direct reports, peers, and supervisor.

Client/Role : (8/00 - 2/01) / Chief Technology Advisor
Responsibilities : Provided inputs to the CEO and VP-Engineering on organizational and technology decisions
Accomplishments : I developed a framework for organizational growth (from 10 to >100 employees), defined the role of the technology organization, and reviewed major technology decisions. I also helped select a CRM vendor, worked to develop the set of business processes to support the new website, and helped the CEO evaluate possible corporate partnerships by providing useful inputs from the technology perspective.

Roles: Director of Engineering, Vice President of Engineering
Responsibilities : Enterprise-wide network and technology platform decisions and implementation, business processes, hiring, budgets, execution of technology projects, building an organization, scaling existing systems.
Accomplishments : I directed construction of the first network, co-managed the building of the first web site, selected vendors and technologies for the web site, hosting, accounting, inventory control, databases, warehouse management and others. As we grew, I led efforts to replace all those systems with more robust and scalable solutions, which we did with no interruption to operations. I assembled the back-office cross- functional team and instituted daily operational meetings that allowed us to proactively handle the explosive growth of business (10 orders per day to 2000+ orders per day in 10 months). That team, under my guidance, created and continued to improve back office processes (including Supply Chain Management, Order Management, and Customer Support Issue Resolution). I built an engineering team at Petstore that consisted of 14 software engineers, database developers, and project managers. I also selected and managed vendors who developed software for our site.

Role: Consultant
Responsibilities : Make technology decisions and develop back-office business processes for the enterprise.
Accomplishments : Selected vendor for website development, worked with them through site launch, defined requirements for the site, db architecture, and interfaces with back office systems. Helped select and install initial back-office systems for accounting and warehouse management. Developed first back-office process flow charts.

1997-1999 Stanford University , Distributed Computing Group
Role: Web Application Development Manager
Responsibilities : Extend the features and functionality of the shared web-server environment; produce and rollout service offerings valuable to our academic constituency.
Accomplishments : Led the effort to select an enterprise-wide e-commerce platform that fit the Stanford business requirements. I identified potential vendors and directed selection of beta sites within Stanford. I worked with beta site teams to understand their business processes and map them to the proposed e-commerce tools as well as ensuring they understood the application framework and were able to build sites incorporating the e-commerce features. My team also improved the speed, reliability and scalability of Stanford's web environment; including more flexible tools for self-publishing of web content and a secure scripting environment. During this time, we also developed processes that allowed management of the webserver environment by the operational group at Stanford.

1995-1997 Worlds, Inc.
Role: Director of Software Development
Responsibilities : Software development, hiring, budgets, internal processes, planning, and scheduling
Accomplishments : Managed a distributed team of 12 programmers, creating servers and clients for multi-user 3D Internet worlds and tools for world-building by designers and artists. I implemented processes and tools that allowed the distributed staff to collaborate effectively. I helped the Marketing and Production departments write requirements documents used to build the software they needed. The WorldsChat application was the first freely available multi-user 3D chat on the Internet.

1994-1995 Presence Information Design
Role: Chief Operating Officer
Responsibilities : Corporate management and strategy, client and project management, customer satisfaction
Accomplishments : As a founder of Presence, I helped lead the company through a period in which we changed our business from engineering services to web development. In mid-1994, Presence created one of the first "shopping cart" session-tracking web servers (well before the development of "cookies") and "dynamic page generation" servers for on-the-fly html creation from a database backend. We were early users of a navigation bar and a context-sensitive navigation scheme. For our B2B recycling portal, we won a National Information Infrastructure award in 1995. Customers included a hot sauce shop doing e-commerce in 1994, American Gramaphone records, Sony, Pacific Bell , and others.

1990-1994 Altadena Instruments
Role: Co-owner, Member of the Technical Staff
Responsibilities : Company management, strategic direction, proposal writing, electrical engineering
Accomplishments : Helped with conceptual design that led to instrument designs flown on two NASA Mars missions in 1998 and 1999. Presented a paper on radiation testing at the 1992 AIAA Small Satellite conference . Saw the significance of the WWW and turned this company into Presence Information Design.

1987-1992 California Institute of Technology , Division of Geology and Planetary Science
Role: Ground Support Engineer, Mars Observer Camera
Responsibilities : Test and calibration of an orbiting camera, documenting and archiving test results
Accomplishments : Performed electrical, optical, and mechanical engineering tasks to ensure the performance of the highly specialized imaging instrument through launch in 1992. Performed radiation tests of electronic components. Supported digital circuit board design. Wrote software (in C under Unix) to perform, analyze and store test data. An identical camera flew on the Mars Global Surveyor mission; images can be seen at JPL's Mars Global Surveyor mission page ( )

Education : BS in Electrical Engineering, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
Personal: I hold Amateur Radio license N9BJZ and enjoy running, hiking, and restoring old cars and radios
References : available on request.