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Who We Are

A periodic gathering of worthy individuals to play Eurogames in the greater Richland, WA metropolitan area, with regular attendence of about 10-20 at each game night.

CBBS Guild

We now have a guild at, which has forums for discussion and some event photos, as well as a copy of the calendar and other information.  I would encourage everybody to join this guild, as it is a great way to discuss games and issues or provide other information of interest to other CBBS attendees.

Session Reports

Session reports from previous Game Nights and other CBBS events are now available at  Come see what you are missing!

Upcoming Events

The week before each event an Evite will be sent to everyone on our mailing list. If your spam filter keeps blocking these emails, adding to your address book may help. If you did not receive an invitation to any particular event, a link to invite yourself can usually be found by clicking on the event in the schedule above. At any rate, we ask that you let us know if you are coming, so we can plan for the correct number of people.

Gaming at Rosy's

We have open gaming at Rosy's Ice Cream Shoppe on Wednesdays, from about 5:00pm to 8:00pm (and until closing time, if people stick around). This is a drop-in session with no invite needed, and there will usually be somebody there from the CBBS to introduce games to new players. No purchase is necessary, although obviously food will be available.

Das Shipperthaus

Game nights are usually held at Tim Shippert's house at 1529 Judson, Richland, WA. We may occasionally gather in other places, however, so check the calendar above for details or contact one of us if you aren't sure.

About Children

We ask that for regular game nights you do not bring children under the age of 12. Furthermore, while the games we play are, with one or two possible exceptions, not particularly mature in theme or mechanics, the discussions and exclamations of those playing may not be very reserved. If this is of concern to you, you might consider coming by yourself first before deciding whether to bring your older offspring along.

We do occasionally hold game days or other events specifically for children; in addition, bringing children to Rosy's is normally okay, although you should be prepared not to hold up a game by playing if your child requires particular attention on that day.

What are these Eurogames of which you speak?

  • Check out Board Game Geek.
  • Here is an article on German-style boardgames from Wikipedia.
  • View my complete collection, or a random mosaic of boxcovers from every game I own.
  • Eurogames (or German Games, or Designer Games, or Family Strategy Games, or These Games Of Ours) are board and card games like you used to play as a kid, only designed for adults. They have great components, interesting rules, intriguing decisions, and opportunities for intelligent play - but they also generally have some luck, lots of fun, and playing times of about an hour. If you've ever spent an evening playing Hearts or Bridge or Pinochle or Poker, CBBS Game Nights are something like that, only with a great deal more variety.

    Of course, with this variety some games will be heavier and longer, some will be shorter and lighter, some will engage your brain and others will engage your funny bone. There is likely to be a game for every taste, as long as you like to play and have fun. In short, they are the kind of games you always wanted to play, even if you never knew it.

    Some recently played games

    Games to play soon

    To see more, check out our Hot Games page.

    Some random games from my collection (refresh to see more)

    Do you feel lucky?

    Can't decide what to play? Choose random game from my collection. No take backs!


    If you want to be added to our mailing list, or if you have any questions, please contact one of these guys:
  • Lynette Jagoda (Cruise Director)
  • Tim Shippert (Spielmeister)