Steve Patt's Home Page

This is the home page for Steve Patt. You're connected to because Steve graduated from Caltech in 1970.

PalmOS Software

Steve is the President and programmer of Stevens Creek Software, which started in 1988 and for a long time confined itself to athletic software, specifically The Athlete's Diary. Since 1997, the company has moved almost exclusively into the Palm world, and has now developed and sells nearly 20 different applications for Palm handheld devices. These include The Athlete's Diary for Palm and a number of race timing software applications, but the primary focus of the company is business applications for the Palm. Visit the Stevens Creek Software web site for more information.

Welsh Terriers

Steve and his wife Debi Jamison have had Welsh Terriers since 1974, when they lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts and acquired Amanda, their first.

Here's a picture of Steve and his second, and now deceased, Welsh Terrier, Nicky, famous as the "Flying Welshman". Nicky is showing off the three medals he won by being first in the "small dog, male running partner" class at the Oakland SPCA Dog Run for four consecutive years. For more pictures of cute Welshies, click here.

Nicky was the fifth Welsh in the country to achieve his "Junior Earthdog" title from the AKC. The Junior Earthdog title is achieved at terrier field trials by running through underground tunnels after (caged) rats. Considering that the tunnel is 9" high and 9" wide, and Nicky is 16" high, this is an awesome accomplishment!

Our current two dogs are Caspian (Caspy), and Shelby, both rescue dogs. Here are some pictures:

Caspy (left) and Shelby and Caspy (and Steve) (right)

Caspy, Jody (now deceased), and friends

Running (and other sports)

Steve is an active athlete. For a while he both ran and did triathlons (running/cycling/swimming), but in the last few years has focussed exclusively on ultrarunning (races longer than a marathon, i.e., longer than 26.2 miles). During that time, he has written up many of his experiences; you'll find race reports going back to 1993, including reports of dog runs, triathlons, marathons, and ultras.

One thing that many people find especially interesting is the story of qualifying for, and running, the 100th Boston Marathon in 1996, which you'll find on the race report page.

Carpe Viam ("Sieze the road!") is the slogan of the Dead Runner's Society (DRS), one of two Internet lists in which Steve participates (the other is the "Ultra" list), albeit with much less frequency than in years past. You can sign up for both lists if you wish.

Steve's "local" running spot is Rancho San Antonio in Cupertino, California, where he lives; a photo of Santa Clara Valley ("Silicon Valley") from one of the Rancho trails taken on a recent run is seen above (dead center, in the background but barely visible, is San Jose, behind it is Mt. Hamilton; the famous "Powerline" trail snakes down the hillside on the right. The picture is taken from near the top of the "High Meadow" trail, at an elevation of approximately 1400'. You can find a mileage map application for "Rancho" that Steve wrote on one of his web pages.

For his birthday in 2002, Steve organized a new 50K (31 miles) run, the Stevens Creek 50K, covering some of his favorite territory in the Santa Cruz Mountains. That's a picture of Stevens Creek that Steve took just above. You can find more information and pictures about Stevens Creek (the creek, not the software company) here.