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Careerwise, assuming Disney picks up my contract options, I've got a job until sometime in 2004 or so, but you can feel free to browse my resume anyway. (My contract does not prohibit outside work.)

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My Career

After growing up in San Carlos (can you believe San Carlos has a homepage?), I graduated from Caltech in 1991 (B.S.) and 1994 (M.S.) in Electrical Engineering. When I was an undergrad, I lived in Ruddock House and Blacker Hovse.

Since 1991, I've been living in Pasadena. Right after Caltech, I started working at JPL (1991-1995), and wound up in the Science Data Processing Section, working on the executive module of the image processing package, VICAR.

In the Summer of 1995, I worked at RGA/LA. I enjoyed working there in a very friendly, creative, productive environment with a lot of cool people. After I was there for 6 weeks, the president, the film visual effects department of RGA/LA closed. A year later, the rest of RGA/LA disbanded as well, moving to Imaginary Forces and True North. RGA/LA's last big effects work can be seen in Mortal Kombat.

Nowadays, I work for the Mouse. On Sept 18, 1995, I started training to become a Technical Director at Disney Feature Animation, and became a "real" person the following May.

In 1997, the big release was "Hercules." I actually had a minor (uncredited) contribution to this show's software.

Dinosaur My first film screen credit was Disney's "Dinosaur" was released May 19, 2000, now available on DVD! We've got realistic (hyper-real?) dinosaurs, mostly on live action plates. Kind of like Jurassic Park, but bigger and more ambitious. Anyway, if you're wondering, my part on this film was muscle and skin development and application.

Treasure Planet Lately (2001-2002), I worked on a short, kind of like Fantasia, involving kites, and Treasure Planet, the big feature of Fall 2002. While we did very poorly in the box office, I think it actually is a good film.

I worked on shaders, rendering, and a little bit of lighting. And now(2002-), I'm working on shaders and lighting for Chicken Little

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