Meet Senseless Death!!!

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1. Todd Brun 2. Mike O'Neal 3. Richard Doherty 4. Lynell Bryson 5. Gina Stevens 6. Randy Brown 7. Dave Santiago 8. Allen Corcorran (Way off to the right, out of camera's view): Dave Stevens (Nowhere near the camera): Rookie MacPhearson

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So there.

Randy "Superman" Brown

Randy Brown was rocketed to Earth as an infant, sole survivor of a dying planet. He was raised in the cornfields of Iowa and trained to lead his fellow man in the never-ending battle for truth, justice, and bug-free digital designs. Randy has since turned his back on the ways of science, studied dramatic arts (Tommy Trojan style), and now appears in numerous off-off-Hollywood short films and ... Senseless Death.

Todd "The Magnet" Brun

Todd Brun is one of the four founding members of Senseless Death, and thus shares some modicum of blame for their existence. He has acted in more plays than he likes to think about, directed several and written a few. From the vast wilderness of New York, he emigrated to California to pursue a Ph.D. in physics from Caltech, which he has finally caught after it eluded him for five years. He has engaged in immoderate amounts of theater to help support his physics habit, and his fellow Senseless Deathers have dubbed him "The Magnet" in recognition of his keen physical insight. When not acting, Todd enjoys reading, writing, and injuring himself playing soccer.

Lynell "I'm a girl" Bryson

Lynell's bio is not available.

Allen "Hindu-guy" Corcorran

Allen is well into his 11th year of acting, and his love for the art grows with every show. Each individual performance is worth all the hardships. Some of his more recent roles include Bob Lansky in Beyond Therapy, Benjamin in a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Theatre Americana in Altadena, Harwood Lathom in The Documents in the Case (a play adapted from the Dorothy Sayers murder mystery of the same name), Harold Wonder in Scuba Duba performed at the Irvine Community Theatre, Horace in Moliere's The School for Wives and Hugo Peabody in Bye Bye Birdie at Caltech. He has recently become involved with two improvisational groups, Candelight Murders (a new company which "caters" parties with a twist), and a group known affectionately as Senseless Death(You may have heard of them). As his struggle for self-improvement continues, and perhaps with the Lord's blessing, he hopes to reach some of the many goals he has set for himself within the chaotic world of ACTING!! (Followed by dramatic minor chord on pipe organ)

Richard "FREeeeeeeze." Doherty

About two years ago Richard makes a phone call to Randy: "Hey, doesn't getting a bunch of people together every so often to play some improv games seem like a boffo idea?" That you are reading this now is a sad indication of what an understatement that was. By the way, Randy thought up the name 'Senseless Death', and all the other members of the group are quite feisty in their own way. In his spare time, he does other things.

Rookie MacPhearson

Well Rookie MacPherson is another one of those dam Canucks, fresh here from Montreal, Canada. A graduate of McGill University in Structural Engineering and more recently from the American Academy of dramatic arts. Rookie has appeared in national commercials both here and in Canada and for the last 2 years has been keeping California in stitches working as a stand-up comedienne.

Mike "Liquor? I hardly know her!" O'Neal

When not on stage, Mike designs and builds spacecraft to land on Mars. He turned to comedy as a way to stay awake in long boring design meetings. He also enjoys filmmaking, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, writing music, and short bios.

Dave "This is the second hardest part of my body." Santiago

David G. Santiago came to California in the summer of 1990 to work at JPL and get his M.S. at USC in Electromagnetics - Microwave Systems. In high school he was involved with every concert and theatrical production either as a performer or back stage. He was lured back into show business by Theatre Americana, the Community Theater of Altadena, in the summer of 1991 to give plants life in Little Shop of Horrors. His TA acting (and singing?) debut as Puggsley in Grave Matters, won him TA's Best Supporting Actor Award for the '91-92 season. Since then he has appeared in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Bad Habits at TA and Hello Dolly and Trial by Jury at Caltech where he is also a member of the Men's Glee Club. He has been technical director for The Veil, Company, Specimens Under Glass, Covenants, Cockroach Bay, Life Beneath the Roses and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at TA and designed sets for Outward Bound and Hot l Baltimore at the Globe Theatre in Hollywood. He has been on the board of directors of TA for 3 years. Away from performances and productions, he enjoys all sorts of sports and outdoor activities and teaches kids about math and science.

Dave "The King" Stevens

On a cold, early morning in Memphis, TN on August 16, 1977, the greatest entertainer that the world has ever known -- or will ever hope to -- fell off of his throne and died. At that same instant, 1977 miles away in Laclede, ID, Dave's lip first twitched. HE HAD RECEIVED THE SPIRIT!!! (Can I have an Amen!)

However, realizing early on that he did not want to choke to death on an ice cream bar in the middle of the night, Dave chose to pursue other lines of employment. He now performs daily as a rocket scientist, designing propulsion systems for JPL's deep space probes. (DISCLAIMER: He had nothing to do with that Mars thing...)

Nonetheless, unable to ignore the aura that fills his being, Dave does pursue the stage whenever possible. Like virtually every other member of the group, he has been on stage since the age of three, has directed, SM-ed, yada, yada, yada... Interestingly enough, several of his acting roles were slanted toward a characterization reminescent of a certain southern-boy with sideburns. Thank you...thank you very much...

Gina "Mommy" Stevens

Gina plans shuttle missions by day and does improv at night. Which is fine until they try to make her plan shuttle missions at night. Then she just sends odd jokes up to the astronauts and tries to figure which way to fly during a performance

She has had lead roles in "Voices" and "Covenants" which were directed by two of the best directors in the whole wide wold, Shirley Marneus and Richard E. Doherty, respectively. She has also Directed, Stage Managed, and other behind-the-scences stuff more times than you'd care to know about.

Gina's also happily married to some guy in the group. You figure out who.

If you ever want information about our future shows or are interested in booking us for a party or special event (reasonable rates), call
...............................the Senseless Death Flatline!!!! 310 306 8181.

This page organized/assembled by Steve "Hey baby, take a walk on the mild side." Hwan(, with help from David Santiago.

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