Jonathan King Tash

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I am now working at Kontiki, Inc., where I am designing and implementing algorithms for distributed data delivery. I have also worked recently on cache management, broadcast scheduling, error correction codes, process scheduling, large database summarization, and consulting on statistical techniques and artificial intelligence.

I have a Ph.D. in Logic and the Methodology of Science from UC Berkeley. I worked most closely with Professors Russell and Zadeh in the Computer Science Division.

My doctoral research focused on the use of decision theory in the face of limited computational resources. The goal was to get the theory to inform an intelligent agent not only what to do, but what work to do in figuring out what to do. This involved both a theoretical analysis of how decision theory is to be interpreted in these circumstances, and a demonstration of the utility of the approach by applying it to control of the computational processes in planning for stochastic environments modeled by Markov decision processes.



Decision Theory Made Tractable: The Value of Deliberation, with Applications to Markov Decision Process Planning

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