• Fanfic •

Sometimes, people who are into a particular show, movie, or book, will write their own fiction using those characters; in fan circles, this is called "fanfic" (for "fan fiction," of course.) For a few years, I was a big fan of a number of anime shows — I still like anime; I just mostly don't have the time to keep up on it anymore — and I wrote my share of fanfic. If you don't know the respective series, then I'm afraid these are going to be largely incomprehensible.

[Sailor Moon] Reflections

Short poems from the viewpoint of various Sailor Moon characters.

Osaka Naru
Ten'ou Haruka
Mizuno Ami
Hino Rei
Kaiou Michiru
Kino Makoto
Tomoe Hotaru
Aino Minako

[Ranma 1/2] Non-Canonical Matchups

For a while there, everyone was writing Ranma fics that paired off all the characters romantically. Most of them used one of a small number of standard sets of matchups; Ranma and Akane, Nabiki and Kuno, Ryouga and Ukyou, and so on. I got tired of this, and wrote a rebuttal.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Conversations in the Dark

This was going to be a series of stories, from various series, centered on two characters talking. In the dark. I only ever got around to writing the one, though.

[Maison Ikkoku] Godai and Akemi

[Star Wars] The Insidious Darth Sidious

A few years back, there was a discussion on the newsgroup rec.arts.sf.written, about the then-recent movie Star Wars Episode I: the Phantom Menace; and particularly about what Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidious was up to. On the surface, his actions didn't appear to make much sense. Why was he forcing the Trade Federation to invade Naboo? Why did he send Darth Maul after the Jedi? I posted a lengthy analysis, describing a way in which I thought that what he did could be seen to make sense given what he was planning to accomplish. (Not that I think Lucas had this in mind, or necessarily even thought it through in this much detail.) Fellow rasfw-er Richard Harter liked it enough that he posted it on his web site.

Later, someone on the Spanish-language Star Wars newsgroup was apparently interested enough to translate it into Spanish.