Tricia Waniewski Sur, Ph.D.

Tricia Sur at JPL How to pronounce my name:
Tricia, TRISH-a
Waniewski, one-ES-key
Sur, SOOR (rhymes with moor)

Some of my other names:
Tricia Ann Sur
Tricia Ann Waniewski
Tricia Ann Waniewski-Sur

Naval Hydrodynamics Division
Science Applications International Corporation
10260 Campus Point Drive
Mail Stop C4
San Diego, CA 92121

(858)826-2371 (office)
(858)826-6592 (FAX)
21May99. JPL 125-131. Pasadena,CA.

Hello! I was a graduate student at the California Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from 1993-98. At present, I am a research scientist in the Naval Hydrodynamics Division at Science Applications International Corporation. My research interests are in the area of multi-phase flows and microfluidics, and my current work involves the study of breaking bow waves and microchannel heat exchangers for micro/nano spacecraft. You can find out more about what I do from my unofficial resume and where I like to go on the WWW from my bookmarks.

P.S. Click on the picture for my personal page.

visitors since 30 August 2001.

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