My family

Sudipto and some unrelated people.

My husband, Sudipto, is also a Caltech alum and he works at Genoptix. Here are some of our engagement and wedding photos! We have a daughter, Mira Annabel, who was born in December 2001.

Nancy and Dave Waniewski (133kB)
16Jun99. Nancy and David Waniewski. Mugu Beach, CA.

I grew up in a small village in upstate New York called Fairport. It is in the town of Perinton which was nicknamed "Trail Town, USA" by the National Park Service because of its many hiking/walking paths. My parents (in above photo) and our dog, Calvin, still live there. I have one brother, Brian.


In my spare time I enjoy backpacking in the San Gabriel, or better yet the Sierra Nevada, mountains. When I was at Caltech, I went on many hikes with a certain hiking group. I have also been backpacking in the French Alps (Grenoble area), Applachain, Adirondack (Mt. Algonquin, 5114 ft. second highest in NY), and Sawtooth (Rockies in Idaho) mountains. The highest altitute I've ever climbed to is 14,494 feet which was Mt. Whitney in the Sierra Nevadas, but the highest altitude I've ever been at was 4807m (15,772 feet) which was Mont Blanc. I have also climbed Caltech peak (Chris Brennen's account) in the Sierra Nevadas. Are you a peak bagger? I also like to travel.

Mont Blanc, France (116kB)
Jul87. Delphine, Jacques, Mathilde Henry, et moi. Mont Blanc, France.

Caltech Peak, CA (76kB)
Sep96. Caltech peak, Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Tatra Mountains, Poland (144kB)
Mar97. With Brian. Tatry Mountains, near Zakopane, Poland.

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