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5.0 What about MAYlanguage and MAYsongs?

5.0 What about MAYlanguage and MAYsongs?

Some of the expressions and songs not addressed in the MAY Episode Guides could use a place of their own, and this section is it.

5.1 What is MAYlanguage?

Some off-beat expressions of the more prominent characters are being catalogued here as MAYlanguage, in no specific order of occurrence. In a few cases an expression of one character has crossed-over to another, as is likely to happen in any relationship:

Paul Buchman

Jamie Buchman

Lisa Stemple

Mark Devanow

Ira Buchman

Sid Novak

5.2 What is the Theme Song and who sings it?

The theme song is "Final Frontier." It is not "Mad About You."

It is sung by Andrew Gold.

Composed by Don Was and Paul Reiser, with piano accompaniment by Paul Reiser, it has been produced by Don Was. The original music is by David Kitay.

The song provides the voice over the opening credits of the show. It has been used in its entirety only in season #1 episodes, and occasionally in season #2 and #3 (the one-hour episodes). Most episodes in season #2 and season #3 use only the first 4 and the last 4 lines, for reasons of time compression. There are two versions of the lyrics, and also a hybrid version (mostly version #1, with two lines from version #2) that has been used in seasons #2 and #3.

A version of the theme song is now available on a CD entitled: "Television's Greatest Hits Volume 7: Cable Ready"

The MAY theme will available in the long form in the Spring of 1997. For the story of how "The Final Frontier" came to be, a downloadable version of the song and information about Andrew Gold and the other artists, visit Paul Grosso's Bryndle home page:

5.3 What are the lyrics to the theme song?

The following transcript is from the opening credits of episodes [1.3] and [1.21]:

The lyrics, with minor variations, are also sung by the Sauve Singers in the Tag to episode [2.8]. The variations are noted with an asterisk (*) along the left-margin:

In the lyrics of the hybrid version (used since season #2), the following two lines in the middle:

have been replaced with:

5.4 What are the lyrics to the Sisters' Duet?

Performed by Lisa and Jamie for their parents (and Paul and Murray) in episode [1.5]:

The song is from the movie "White Christmas," where it is sung by Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney, and also by Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye (in drag).

5.5 What was the Buchman Wedding Song?

A reference in season #1 [1.7] indicated that the wedding song was "Color My World" (Chicago). However the song played in the wedding episode [3.13] is "What the World needs now is Love, Sweet Love" (sung by Dionne Warwick).

"Color My World" is mentioned by Ira to Jamie as one of three possibilities (the others being Alley Cat and Hokey Pokey) when they are setting the agenda during Ira's prison gig. It is possible that the producers were unable to secure permission for the song's inclusion, and had to substitute.

5.6 What are the lyrics to Susannah's Song?

Susannah Gould, accompanied by Ira as the substitute keyboard player (since her key-boardist Derek could not find his pants), sings this song at Scamp's [3.22]. Presumably the title is "Where've You Been":

(fade out)

5.7 What were Paul, Mark and Ira singing at the Karaoke bar?

"Your Cheatin' Heart" by Hank Williams [4.22], although it is possible that Paul Reiser, being a Patsy Cline fan (judging from references on MAY [2.2, 2.16]), picked up her version of the song.

5.8 What was the poem Henry Gibson recited at the Laugh In party?

In fact there was a poem and a half, the latter interrupted as the Laugh In gang were being shown out of the apartment [4.11]. But earlier we got to see and hear Mr. Gibson recite:

And then at the end:

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