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Thomas P. Witelski, Ph.D.

Graduate, Applied Mathematics, Caltech
American Express Member since 1991

"My other homepage is on a CRAY."

I am currently at Duke University, Math Dept
Resume : CV
Home : Rockaway Park, Queens, New York City
High School: Stuyvesant High School '87, New York City
Undergrad : B.S.E. Cooper Union School of Engineering '91, NYC
Prof. A. Wolf, Prof. E. Kondopirakis
Grad : Ph.D. Caltech, Dept of Applied Math '95
Prof. D. S. Cohen
Hobbies : Biking, Juggling, Being Ruthless
Profession : applied math - the scientific art of cheap and dirty tricks
Fears : Failure, Rottweilers, and sharp, pointy things
Birthday : November 1969
Job : Associate Professor, Dept of Math, Duke University, (1998-2007)
Job : at Maths Inst. University of Oxford, 2007--
Bicycle : Iggy, the 18" red, GIANT Iguana

Favorite music : the Police, Dire Straits, the Kinks
Favorite TV shows : Buffy:TVS, the Simpsons
Favorite books : A Room with a View, The Sea Wolf, Foundation
Favorite person : "Do you have somebody special in your life?"
"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do, ... ME."
Favorite ice cream: Haagen-Dazs chocolate, shaken not stirred
Theme songs : King of Pain (The Police), Time (Pink Floyd)
Favorite quote: "If you are falling off a mountain, stop screaming and
flap your arms, if that doesnt work, you can always go
back to screaming."
Some of Tom's recent projects include SSP, and XphaseD.

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Thomas P. Witelski(95-98) Department of Mathematics Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Thomas P. Witelski(91-95)
Applied Math Department
California Institute of Technology

Thomas P. Witelski Department of Mathematics Massachusetts Institute of Technology