XphaseD (Tom's Phase Plane Plotter)

Available C source code versions
(NEW VERSION 2/2k) X1 Basic introductory version for first order ODE
(NEW VERSION 2/2k) X2 Classic 2-ODE phase plane systems!
X3d Fancy 3-D version for Lorenz chaos, etc
X-pro Fancy 2-d "professional" version
Xsurf Surface plotter for Calculus II


Thomas Witelski (witelski@math.duke.edu)
Department of Mathematics,
Duke University,
Box 90320,
Durham, NC 27708-0320

Free software comes with no warranties.

This is a freeware phase plane plotter for UNIX X-windows systems.
It plots solutions of 2-d plane autonomous ODE systems.
It is (hopefully) very easy to use and understand. It is primarily intended
for student use in intro courses on diffential equations/dynamical systems or

The program understands most of the usual simple functions, and it knows the
constant pi, and it also has heard of the Heaviside step function h(x).

It is still very much in the developmental stages. So I would appreciate 
comments/feedback on bugs, things you like, don't like, want in the program.