Bill Woody

I graduated from Caltech with a degree in Mathematics in 1988.

Shortly after graduating I joined the Computer Graphics Laboratory (later the Data Visualization Laboratory) at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. That was right around the time of the Voyager II/Neptune encounter, which I got to work on. Those days are some of the most memorable days of my early career.

I then moved on to working for Cheshire Engineering in Pasadena. Great group of folks. Got to do some really cool stuff. Talk to me about the project where I wrote a network stack similar to LocalTalk using a Zilog Z1601 and an 6802 processor.

That was followed by a whole bunch of not so memorable career moves. I think I worked on a computer game and some web site stuff; the whole period is a little blurry. I also seem to remember teleprompters and serial interfaces to video recorders and real time 3D polygon renderers on a 80486.

About that time I met my wife Deborah; we were married in 1994. We bought a house in Glendale around 1996, and after another series of career choices that largely involved me taking jobs because they helped me learn something interesting, I finally found myself the CTO of Cartifact, an absolutely brilliant group of visual mapmakers and designers.

Where you can find me on the 'net.

Of course you can find me on LinkedIn and Facebook. I also have my own web site at Chaos In Motion, and I also run a personal blog there that revolves around technical stuff I find interesting.