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what is a darb?

Did you know?

is an Americanism probably nearly obsolete today, a slang word from the 1920s meaning “something or someone very handsome, valuable, attractive, or otherwise excellent.”
synonyms of darb
amazing, bizarre, boss, curious, darb, exceptional, fab, fantastic, flash, gnarly, heavy, inconceivable, incredible, marvelous, odd, outstanding, particular, peculiar, phenomenal, primo, rare, remarkable, singular, some, special, strange, stupendous, surprising, terrific, tough, uncommon, unfamiliar, unheard-of, unimaginable, unique, unprecedented, unthinkable, unusual, unwonted, weird, wicked, wonderful, zero cool
is a first name. One interpretation: "Your first name of Darb has given you a studious nature, and the ability to concentrate on whatever you are doing. You could excel in mathematics or in positions where persistence, independence, and individuality are required. In personal associations, a lack of finesse in verbal expression often creates misunderstandings with others, especially with those close to you, because you find it difficult and embarrassing to express depth of feeling when situations arise requiring diplomacy, understanding, and affection. "
to make a darb:
Mix 1/2 oz. lemon juice, 1 oz.  apricot brandy,  1 oz.  dry vermouth, 1 oz.  gin, 1 tsp.  sugar syrup  or to taste, with cracked ice in a shaker or blender and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Dabney House
is a Bed & Breakfast
exists in many forms. Someone down under named Brad started this darb.net