David (Yongsheng) Xu, Ph.D.

E-mail: yongsheng.xu@alumni.caltech.edu

I am a research scientist at the IOCAS. Before I joined the IOCAS in 2012, I worked with Dr. Lee-Lueng Fu at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. My academic background includes a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography, a M.S. in Physics (Optics) and an A.S. in Electrical Engineering. The diverse background and research experience have nourished my ability to seek answers for questions in a broad, general, flexible "roadmap". My research interests include understanding how ocean system works and its relationship to climate variability, using in-situ, satellite observations and numerical experiments. Some of my findings benefited from novel applications of statistical methods for signal detection .
My group members
2. The impact of wave-induced Coriolis-Stokes forcing on satellite-derived Ocean Surface Currents
3. Estimation of the time series of the meridional heat transport across 15° N in the Pacific Ocean from Argo and satellite data
4. Penetration depth of diapycnal mixing generated by wind stress and flow over topography in the northwestern Pacific
5. The global characteristics of wavenumber spectrum of ocean surface wind
6. The effects of instrument noise on the estimation of the wavenumber spectrum
7. Satellite observations question the existing theories of the mesoscale-scale ocean turbulence
8. Fundamental basin-mode oscillation
9. Vertical coupling of mesoscale activities between upper and deep ocean
10. De-aliasing of high-frequency common mode signals in altimetry observations
11. A method to study the impact of climate change on variability land surface water
12. An update on the wind power input to the surface geostrophic flow of the World Ocean
13. Subtleties in forcing eddy-resolving ocean using satellite observations

1.Update on the global energy dissipation rate of deep-ocean low-frequency flows by bottom boundary layer