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[2001-2003] Astronomy from the Moon

Let's go to the Moon!

Space suit Amy Ross Dava Newman

Lunar South Pole
Robotic Lunar Exploration (GSFC) LRO
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LARC)

Lunar missionsmeetings
[1973] RAE-B / RAE-2 - Radio quiet on the Far Side of the Moon!
[1971] Apollo 14: Lunar "ionosphere"!
[1972,1974] Luna 19, Luna 22 - Lunar plasma!
[1994] Clementine
[1998] Lunar Prospector
[2003] SMART-1
[2005?] Lunar-A
[2005?] TransOrbital
[2005] SuperSat (LunaCorp)
[2007?] IceBreaker (pdf)
[2006] SELENE
[2006] SELENE-B lander
[2007] Internatinoal Lunar Observatory (SpaceAge/SpaceDev)
[2007] Chang'e
[2008] Chandrayaan-1
[2008] Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
[2009] Resources & bio-test probes
[2010] Gravity mapper, landing site reconnaissance
[2011] Constellation candidate technology demonstration
[2012+] Malapert Mountain communications/navigation relay
[2013+] Landed ISRU development systems
[2010-2013?] Moonrise sample return
[2015-2020] I want to go to the Moon!
Lunar European Demonstration Approach
1986/1 Future Astronomical Observatories on the Moon (NASA Conference 2489)
1988/2 A Lunar Far-Side Very Low Frequency Array (NASA Conference 3039)
1989/5 Physics and astrophysics from a lunar base (NASA Workshop)
1990/1 Low Frequency Astrophysics from Space (International Workshop)
1990/2 Astrophysics from the Moon (AIP Conference 207)
1997/8 Astronomy from the Moon (23rd meeting of the IAU, Joint Discussion 22)
1998/10 Chapman Conference on Space Based Radio Observations at Long Wavelengths
2000/7 International Conference on Exploration & Utilization of the Moon (ESA/ESTEC)
2001/3 Open session on lunar exploration: Lunar Odyssey 2001
2001/10 International Astronautical Congress
2001/11 meeting at JPL
2002/1 New Views of the Moon, Europe
2002/4/26 PS4. Lunar exploration
2002/5/25 International Space Development Conference (Denver)
2002/6/10-20 Lunar Base Design Workshop (ESTEC)
2002/7/18-20 Return to the Moon Symposium (Houston)
2002/9/12-14 The Moon Beyond 2002 (NM, USA)
2002/10/10-19 The World Space Congress (Houston) ESA
2003/5/24 International Space Development Conference (CA)
2003/11/16-22 International Lunar Conference (Hawaii)
2004/11/22-26 International Conference on Exploration & Utilization of the Moon (India)
thanks so much to travel support from Space Age Publishing Company

potential team members: [If you are one or know of any, please let me know!]

Kurt Weiler, Namir Kassim (NRL)
Dayton Jones, Tom Kuiper, Michael Mahoney, Robert Preston (JPL)
Graham Woan (Glasgow, radio)
Jean-Louis Bougeret (Observatoire de Paris)
Michael Kaiser (GSFC)
Jack Burns (CO)
John Basart (IA)
James Douglas (TX)
Neb Duric (NM)
K. S. Dwarakanath (India)
Tetsuro Kondo et al. (Japan)
Wendell Mendell (JSC)
Mike Duke (CSM)
Jim Burke (ISU)
Bernard Foing (ESTEC)
Claudio Maccone (IAA)
Stanislaw Gorgolewski (Poland)
Mike Davis (SETI)
Frank Drake (SETI)
Paul Lowman (GSFC)
Peter Chen (GSFC)
Bruce Altner (ARInternet)
Kaifu-san (NAO, IAU)


International Lunar Exploration Working Group Forum Dutch Chapter LunarSat
IAA Lunar SETI <- Committee on Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)


Low Frequency Radio Astronomy from Space (Weiler)
Astronomical Low Frequency Array (JPL)
Solar Imaging Radio Array (GSFC)
Low Frequency Array (2008~)
Far Side Lunar Observatory (1991), Lunar Farside Observatory (1989)
Lunar Interferometric Radio Array (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 2000)
Astronomers plan telescope on Moon (Maccone)
Moon's Malapert Mountain seen as Ideal Site for Lunar Lab
Lunar ionosphere (K. Noguchi, 1999)
Astronomy and Astrophysics for the 1980's, Volume 1: Report of the Astronomy Survey Committee (1982)
Protection of Radio Astronomy Observations in Shielded Zone of Moon (1991)
Astronomy and Astrophysics Panel Reports (1991)
Frequency Utilization of the Far Side of the Moon (2002)
Astronomy from the Moon (NAP 1991)
Exploring the Moon and Mars: Choices for the Nation (1991)
Lunar South Pole InfraRed Telescope (Paul van Susante, 2000)
Large Lunar Telescope (NASA)
Lunar Rover Initiative, Lunar Telescope Deployment (Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, 1996)
Romance to Reality: moon & Mars Plans (David Portree)
International Lunar Initiative Organization (1988)
Science from the Moon (NASDA report)
Ice at the South Pole of the Moon
Ideal Moon Bases Identified At South Pole
Lunar South Pole water truck
Moon Handbook
The Moon: Resources, Future Development and Colonization (Schrunk et al. 1999)
Space Age Publishing
International Manned Lunar Base (1991)

What the scientific community wants:
Astronomy from the Moon (NAP 1991)
New Frontiers in the Solar System: An Integrated Exploration Strategy (NAP 2002)
Astronomy and Astrophysics in the New Millennium (2001) - priorities
Physics of the Universe study plan (2001)
NASA Origins Roadmap
NASA Structure and Evolution of the Universe Roadmap
NASA New Frontiers (~$650M), Discovery program (~$300M for small testing landers)
NASA / Space Science Enterprise (JPL, Mike Shao) / telescopes - Enterprise Strategic Plan
ESA (FLEXI), Japan, China, Russia, India, Canada
Caltech Mars Society
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