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    My Research:

    AAAR 2003 PM Abstract: Submitted Nov 23, 2002

    Conference Presentation in Malaysia, November, 2002

    World Bank Presentation, Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 2002

    Apportion the different sources that contribute to the air pollution seen in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. To accomplish this goal, a one-year-long air monitoring was conducted in those cities during 2001. Filters used in the monitoring are currently being analyzed by GC/MS to identify organic compounds present in the air. These organic compounds, once identified, will be used as tracers to the different sources that contribute to the air pollution.

    Ph.D. Thesis: Fine Particle Characterization in South Asia

    My Current Publication List:

  • INDOEX Paper on Aerosol Chemistry, 2001
  • INDOEX Paper of Electronic Data, 2001
  • INDOEX Paper on Light Scattering, 2002
  • Biomass Paper: Organic Analysis, 2003

    My Ph.D. Committee:

  • Late Professor Glen R. Cass, Advisor
  • Professor Armistead (Ted) G. Russell, Advisor
  • Professor Michael Bergin
  • Professor Rodney Weber
  • Professor Ellery Ingall


    From December 11, I'll join the World Bank in Dhaka to work with their Air Quality Management Project (AQMP). The project is being carried out by the Department of Environment.


    The third week of November 2002, I'm planning to take US Highway 78 and head towards Alabama to see the national forests over there in peak fall colors. Last week I've visited the mountains of North Georgia to experiecne the spectacular fall colorings present in the Chattahochee National Forests. Winding roads, a misty atmosphere, and the wonder of nature all blend together that day to provide a breathtaking and heavenly experience.

    Fall Color Report:

  • Georgia: Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests
  • Alabama: National Forests
  • Tennessee: Cherokee National Forest
  • North Carolina: National Forests

    I'm expected to go to Bangladesh this December.

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  • Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX)
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  • TetraTech
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    Professional Socities

  • Air and Waste Management
  • AGU
  • AAAR

    Renowned Air Pollution Groups

  • Glen R. Cass, Caltech/Gatech, USA
  • Ted Russell, Georgia Tech, USA
  • Mike Bergin, Georgia Tech, USA
  • John Sainfeld, Caltech, USA
  • Chandra Venktaraman, IIT-Bombay, India
  • A. P. Mitra, NPL, India

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    Alma Maters

  • Georgia Institute of Technology
    (Ph.D. Class of 2003)
  • California Institute of Technology
    (M.S. Class of 1999)
  • Montana Tech of the Univ. of Montana
    (B.S. Class of 1997)
  • Dhaka College
    (H.S.C. Class of 1993)
  • Monipur High School
    (S.S.C. Class of 1991)

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    "Two Sisters" [Pierre Auguste Renoir]
    "Paris, a Rainy Day" [Gustave Caillebottee]
    "Five O'Clock Tea" [Mary Cassatt]
    "Lady at Her Toille" [Berthe Morisot]

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